Please fill up this form to become a member of the YOUTH club or the WOMEN Club of Body N Mind Cafe Pvt. Ltd. You need a photo and a photocopy of your ID card, which shows your age.

Become a Member Of
 Youth Club Women's Club Fitness Club ( GOLD Member) Fitness Club ( SILVER Member) Fitness Club ( COPPER Member) Fitness Club ( BRONZE Member)

Hobby Club Membership 

Becoming a member of the Youth Club (CUPPA) or Women Club (SHE) will entitle you to hang out in the premises, read books and magazines, do study/ homework, use the Wi-Fi, take part in cultural activities such as singing, dancing, drawing, designing, open mike sessions, karaoke sessions, stand up comedy shows, short skits, magic shows, poetry readings, watching movies under the film club, cookery classes, parties, quiz competitions, educational workshops and other such events organised by Body N Mind Cafe Hobby Centre. You may also work as an intern for two months and then be eligible for job of the day offer or consultancy.

Hobby Club Membership Fees

Rs.500 per month for non-earning members

Rs.1000 for per month for earning members

Rs.200 will be charged as admission fees

I promise that I will abide by the rules of the Club – not to take part in any activity that is detrimental to the reputation of the club or its members.

Fitness Club Membership 

Becoming a member of the fitness club ( GOLD, SILVER, COPPER or BRONZE member) will let you use the premises for different activities as mentioned above in addition to taking part in fitness activities. However to work as an intern and then get job of the day offer, you have to become a member of the Hobby club.

Fitness Club Membership Fees

GOLD ( Rs.10,000 per month)

SILVER ( Rs. 5000 per month)

COPPER ( Rs. 2500 per month)

BRONZE ( Rs. 1200 for earning and Rs. 600 for non earning members)

Rs. 200 will be charged as admission fees.