By Nibedita Das
I hate to acknowledge this, but quite often I don’t get the motivation to lose weight. But this all changed once I joined Body N Mind Cafe -WEIGHTLOSS CLUB. A psychologist checked me for underlying problems. a doctor checked my general health condition. a nutritionist made a diet plan that would work for me. They made me join Zumba thrice a week, yoga twice a week and training for the rest of the days. I walk on a treadmill and in the park. I get a free calorie replacement drink and fruit and nut salad every day. The weight loss programme is ‘value for money’ because I am losing weight in a steady fashion. I am gradually imagining an hour glass figure and I know I will get there soon.
And then one day there was a knock on the door. A buddy had arrived who had a similar profile like me. We work on our weight problem together.
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