Membership Types with Package Costs

There are two types of membership- Club & Fitness.

Youth Club (Cuppa) : A young person can become a member of the Youth Club.

Women Club (She) : Women of all ages can become members of the Women’s Club -SHE.

Both of these are under the Edutainment Club and Hobby Centre.

CLUB Membership is Rs. 1000 per month for earning members and Rs. 500 per month for non-earning members.

Book Club (Nibble a Book) – Any one can become a member of the book club though timings for young people and others may differ unless otherwise planned.

Membership for one day (for any Club) is called Registered Associate.  They may use the facilities for Rs. 50/- only

The Fitness Club has four types of membership – Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze. See the chart below for further details

All members can hang out in the premises and order food in the cafe, use the reading room and Wi-Fi, take part in all club activities such as open mic sessions, karoake, poetry nights, performances, workshops.

They will get discounts on ticket prices for paid events.