Yoga Classes in Kolkata



Yoga is undoubtedly one of the best forms of fitness regimen that suits people of any age group. Yes Yoga is for lifetime and for all. No matter what your age is, whether you are 5 year old or 70 year old, you can join Yoga Classes anytime. Yoga is prevalent in India from the Vedic ages and its qualities & goodness have been acknowledged all across the world. Due to our ever-changing lifestyle, it’s very essential that we follow a routine that involves some sort of exercise and Yoga is the best answer to this problem. It’s true that Yoga helps you to develop your overall health. This includes, flexibility, immunity, weight loss, weight gain and also peace of mind. There is no second thought about that. Recently popularity and awareness of Yoga has gained momentum. Nowadays, there are many places which has started offering Yoga Classes. It’s true that Yoga is a for all but if you do not follow the proper way and technique of doing yoga, it’s basically of no use.

Mostly all the Yoga Training Centres tend to take yoga trainers without verifying their basic knowledge and experience. This is really dangerous, as there are many instances which shows that the instructors themselves are not aware of the actual way to do Yoga. So ultimately all your efforts shall be of no use.

However, here at Body N Mind Cafe, we make sure that you get to learn the proper way of doing Yoga. We believe in developing your total health. So here, we follow a few basic steps to evaluate and start the customized health package for our members. You can get an experienced Personal Yoga Trainer for a more focussed fitness goal.

We believe in following proper guidelines before enrolling anyone for Yoga Classes. So the basic guidelines that we follow are:-